sixboi’s is giving review copies for limited time only so you can include in notecard or in contact form the names of the items that you want to blog, with the informations that you will find below. When the Store inworld will be ready sixboi’s will not continues giving review copies.Unless, it will be created a bloggers group and it will be applied an  60% – 70% discount to all products in inworld store only for the bloggers. The discount will applied to you only if your application will be approved.Bloggers group is not available at this time because inworld store is not available yet.If you are interested to be part of discount bloggers group include the following in a notecard and send it to Celena Galli or Aspasia86 Resident or include them in the contact form

► Blog’s URL :
Please write your Blog’s / website address /link / url

► Review Copies : Please list the name of the sixboi’s products that you want to blog. (LIMITED)

► Are you interested to be part of the discount bloggers group? : YES / NO              (If you choose YES, you need to fill the following informations,if you choose NO just leave them empty)

► Avatar’s Name :
Please write your full avatar name and display name

► SL Birth Date :
Please write your avatar’s age / rez date

► Blog’s Age :
Please write your Blog’s age / date of creation

► Blog’s reviews :
Please write your current reviews / number of your blog’s visitors

► Blog’s Feeds :
Please List the SL feeds you are in

► Flickr,Facebook e.t.c. :
Please write your Flickr,Facebook or any other page’s links

► Email :
Please write your email in case we want to contact with you in the future

RENAME YOUR NOTECARD : sixboi’s BLOGGERS discount – name

Notecard with rules and more information about will be give to you if your application will be approved.
If you have more questions about send a notecard to celena galli or aspasia86 resident or use the contact form

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