About us

  • This New Blog is founded by Celena Galli and Aspasia86 Resident.

We reserve the right to pass on blogging items that do not suit our personal style or infringe on the copyrights of others.

Do not distribute (Share) our Artwork to other Blogs / Webpages e.t.c. Our Artwork is copyright and is not stock / freeware. You cannot use our Artwork for commercial or personal use (without our permission) in any case.


Aspasia86 Resident
: 07/26/2011 Fashion Model , Fashion Blogger,Manager
Blog :
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Celena Galli : 02/27/2008 Professional Graduated Graphic Designer (Graphic Print & Electronic Media) with Specialization In 3D animation & Modelling
/ illustration / Photography / Digital Art
Pure Shot Photography Founded by Talented Tamara Artis
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Stores : Original Mesh Creation , Resell Mesh Creation

For any question,collaborations,sponsors,support, use the contact form below


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